• What Our Clients Say
    Sherwood Consulting Service has worked with organization all across the Midwest and Rocky Mountain West. Learn more about what our clients had to say about their experience in reaching their fundraising and campaign goals with Alan Sherwood.


  • "Very, very positive experience for me having Alan as our leader. I believe our positive outcome came from his leadership."
    "Project was well run. Alan's experience with a project such as ours has shown up with the success of the fundraising. Our project was blessed with good leadership and excellent co-chairmen to head this up. I would have no suggestions as to how it could be improved."
    "Was very thorough in implementing a great soliciting program. I felt I could ask any question and receive the help I needed. Very organized and carried through well with his program. I'm sure when we announce the final total; we are going to AMAZE not only the surrounding area, but the whole state."
    "Thanks to him we all did very well and Alan kept us motivated. I have no complaints on Alan or your firm, so I can only say good things. I would suggest Alan could take on any good financial fund raising job."
    "Did a wonderful job of explaining the process to us. I felt very inadequate to be on a committee like this and never worked on a Capital Campaign before but Alan's presentation made it very easy. Was well organized, could walk and talk us through the process. Because of this we could oversee our project and make it a success."
  • "I have been very impressed with your organizational work, your diplomatic way of helping us understand our roles and our challenges, and the excellent approach to keeping us on task."
    "Alan was very helpful in campaign leadership as we formed and carried out the campaign. Alan is easy to work with and is always complimentary to everyone."
    "Alan has good organizational skills. He was a positive reinforcement along each step of the campaign and was greatly appreciated."
    "Alan has a low key, but confident approach. He has realistic expectations, a positive approach and great brochure ideas."
    "Alan provided leadership and focus. Another strength was recapping the calls and keeping us on task. He was open for discussion, and provided suggestions for how to connect with large donors. He has a positive attitude, and is well organized with each one knowing their roles. He is experienced in the fundraising business. Strong with public relations and the brochure."
    "Good communication during the campaign, knowledge of the community, levels of giving, prospect awareness. All these were important."
    "I felt there was a good overall approach with an understanding of steps along the way. The bottom line is we reached our goal and the project is moving forward. Thanks to Alan for helping to make it a success."
    "Alan has a strength in his organization of the approach to fundraising. He sets definitive time line goals and meeting schedules."